Welcome To My Resources Page

Transparency is important to me and wanted to provide a list of resources that have been invaluable tools and sites that provide guidance on your journey to making a mark online. I highly recommend checking out these resources to use for yourself when building your blog or website to the maximum potential it can be. You never get a chance at second impressions.

I have tested these sites and tools myself and some I am currently using or plan to use as my operating budget expands with more followers to income I might generate with my blog, niche sites and affiliate campaigns. Many of these tools and sites I recommend are critical to my development and measurement in my success by offering ways to track, manage or provide platforms for advertisement. 

With that being said, in the spirit of transparency and disclosure, I not only recommend these resources to be honest, I am also an affiliate of these services and products. But the critical fact to know is I stand by what I mention and don't recommend something I haven't tried or use. Please read the following before proceeding below:

Some of these links below are affiliates I am signed up with. As you should know, anything you MIGHT make a purchase on will earn me a commission at NO additional cost to you. However, I want to mention again that anything I recommend isn't something I haven't tried before or plan on using. Please understand that I want to be helpful and provide the value you deserve and show you the possibilities with the right tools. If you so see fit to click on the links you will provide me with a small commission that will help with covering my operating cost. So let's begin!

Video editing

Copyright-Free Paid Music:

Shutterstock- The best location for all your royalty free audio, photos, vectors, illustrations and more.

Premium Beat- A second favorite location for quality profession royalty free audio and audio alone. Primarily focused on music or audio and great music for any production.

Copyright-Free Free Music:

YouTube Audio Library- Free background music for your videos you post. Great selection. And best of all did I mention it is free? Just download your selection to your computer for use, easy…

Editing Software:

Adobe Premiere Pro- the industry leading video editing software you can edit any type of media in it’s native format and create professional productions on film, TV and web. I usually outsource for this talent requirement, but have a love of image and video editing, this is for you.

Photo and Graphics Editor:

Adobe Photoshop- essential to organize, edit and share photos on your computer and mobile devices. A must when you want to project the best in quality in content.


Photo Stock Background Images

Copyright-Free Paid Images:

iStockphoto Images- Great location for royalty-free images, illustrations and videos that stand out when applied to any blog or website.

Copyright-Free Free Images:

Unsplash- Great location for quality photos, royalty-free and available to download, no strings attached.


Video Equipment

Coming Soon!


Website Maintenance: 

Website/Blog choice:

Squarespace- great website platform for Food, health, photographer and other for blogs. Websites or ecommerce.

WordPress- Unlimited potential with unlimited methods to formulate your blog, website or ecommerce business. The only downside is that it takes some knowledge in web development and design.



Blue Host, #1 recommended webhosting by WordPress.org


When you first start out, it can be incredibly frustrating trying to decide on the best Hosting service to plant your flag for your online site or business. I know exactly how you feel, I’ve been there too and felt the exact same way as you might be now. But found that in comparison to other services, I got the best service and value with Bluehost.


With Blue host, it’s not only incredibly affordable at just $2.95/month, that’s $35.40/ year! One-click WordPress installation, so you can start building your business, you blog, your way. I highly recommend checking them out as a service provider for what needs you might want or looking for.


Once a member, you have a menu of options and services you can have included with your membership. A 30 day, money back guarantee that if you’re not satisfied you get your money back. They offer a 24/7 support team, guides, videos and tutorials or even schedule a time with a specialist that can provide an over the phone consultation. Amazing and it’s extremely helpful when you have that kind of service available when you get stuck in a jam.

What value it provided you:

I really loved the fact I could call and talk to a representative to help me. If I needed specialized help, I could schedule a 30 minute or more call to get expert help on installing a plugin or how I can use a website manager to help improve my website. I love that you can manage your marketing, email, website and your files on one account with Blue Host. The convivence and assistance makes a world of difference.


Design Tools

Hire a Designer:

Fiverr, Outsource of Specialized work


You need something done for your business but don’t have the experience, knowledge or creativity to do it with style, you need to find a quality site to outsource this task to a freelancer that can help you. You have only so many hats you can change to and do your business effectively and efficiently with the standards to quality you want for the value your customers or subscribers want.

Fiverr is one of the largest marketplace for digital services. Starting at $5 a work assignment to the buyer, it’s an economical Godsend for anyone under a deadline. Signing up is FREE. You only pay for services purchased and if a freelancer, paid on the services you provide for the amount you deem the value of your service. It’s safe and trusted and offer a great dispute service if you aren’t satisfied with the service or product given.


You get the peace of mind of not trying to figure out something technical that you don’t have experience with. You can delegate parts of the project to a specialist and focus on completing the whole of the project so you aren’t delayed learning and doing everything yourself.


You get the expertise that you need, choose the style, experience and price you want. There is nothing more reliving than depending on someone that could provide value and quality to your project you need done and help you out.


Upwork, Get More Done with Freelancers.

Easily find quality freelancers at Upwork with a variety of talents from programmers to designers, writers, virtual assistants, and more… Start with posting a job, what your project entails and the specific skills required. Upwork will analyze your needs and help find the talent you need is a good match. Then you will get a short list of candidates to view their previous projects and if you like them, submit a proposal.

Hire the best freelancers, browse their profiles, review their proposals and schedule a chat to see if it’s a good fit to proceed forward on the project. Work effectively and efficiently by easily sending and receiving files, share feedback to improve on by chatting via text, chat or video so there is no confusion on the project with great communication.

Then when it is completed, you have peace of mind paying for the services or if a seller receiving the money easily. You can always negotiate payment for services by via hourly, fixed price or use the escrow service to release funds as preset milestones are reached. Simplified global payment methods, payment protection plans to protect both the buyer and seller. Finally, you can easily access your transaction history on invoices or payments. 


Website Theme Design

MOJO Marketplace for WordPress

Problem: When you need a marketplace to shop for some of the best themes, website plug-ins, everything you would need in digital goods. You should try Mojo Marketplace…

Solution: Mojo Marketplace is a leading platform for digital goods, with over 5.8 million users to 7,500+ items. It’s products and services help creators, entrepreneurs, and bloggers by providing them with real quality tools that can make any project with quality in mind to fruition.

Benefits: Globally recognized and known within the WordPress community for their digital product integrations for whatever your platform or need.

Value: Creative, innovative, ideas to reality with the digital products offered for whatever style you need. Not to mention the support offered for you if you need assistance or have questions to direct you to the direction to the solutions you need.

JetPack- Keep your content safe with Jetpack offers themes, high-speed content delivery, and a variety of tools to customize your site. Jetpack includes simple-to-use features that help you automatically promote, share, and optimize your content for maximum readership. Jetpack monitors your site, protects it from brute force attacks, secures your logins, scans for malicious code, and backs up all your data. Connect with your readers and keep them coming back to your site with subscriptions, comments, contact forms, and spam filtering.


Social Media Design

Canva- great location to design for Instagram, flyers, postcards, business cards, posters, letterheads, cards, invitations, social graphic, presentations and more…

Stencil- the perfect computer app for creating social media posts, ad graphics, content marketing visuals, email images & more!

WordSwag- the next greatest app to making typographic posts in social media. Whether

Werble- animate your photos with this app and create spectacular looping works of art designed to get anyone’s attention.

                    Fontmania- Great app for typography photos.

Enlight- Great app for turning any photos by editing it with the editing tools, exposure and color adjustments into artistic effects for the photos.

LightX- it’s a great app you can easily remove the background, create perfect selfies, color splash images or blend for multiple exposure effects.

                                PicsArt- #1 photo editor and pic collage maker on mobile app.

Ripl- Make animated graphics to create videos for social media easily to share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Photo Enhance or Edit

            Picmonkey- create beautiful photos, logos, social media graphics and Facebook covers.

Sales Funnel Services

Click Funnels- a leading service offering to generate leads and increase revenue that you can easily build pages inside of a sales funnel that are proven to convert. Pick the sales funnel, the design, modify the page and publish the sales funnel to grab interested buyers to a product you’re selling.

Leadpages- a service offering to generate leads and increase revenue using the industry-leading landing page creator with accompanying suite of lead generation and opt-in tools.

Social Media Marketing Tools

         Social Media Scheduler:

Buffer- helps anyone with a busy schedule not forget to post advertisements or content during the peak time of your target market on social media. You can queue the post for a specific time to post. Buffer works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Free for basic package and charged monthly after basic plan.

Hootsuite- all business social media on one dashboard, engage the audience, get analytics, social platforms, and quantify your social media exposure. Starting plan is free.

MeetEdgar- Everything you publish with Edgar is stored in an organized library and categorized, like “quotes,” “blog posts,” or “beautiful picture stock.” You schedule the content based on the category so you know what type of status updates post at each time, sharing a balance content automatically. You never should refill the queue as Edgar republishes posts by recycling through your older content already posted through Edgar. That way if your growing audience happen to miss posts already sent, can be see it for the first time, while with others that are following your feed might be refreshed on the content. Meet Edgar is free the first month and $49 every month after.

       Instagram Scheduler:

Tailwind- an app offered to service, enhance your visual marketing for Pinterest and Instagram. Schedule content, actionable, analytics and more.

Planoly- Manage, plan and schedule your Instagram posts from your computer and mobile phones. Create a comprehensive Instagram feed and manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Email Marketing Services

Convert Kit, #1 Recommended Email Service Provider


You need an email service provider that offers course training, form templates and great analytics for campaign results… Example You need to track results for today, last 7 days, last month, to the year in total. You like visual tools, they offer a graph, what forms product results and trends from subscribers.


Easy to use, drag and drop email builds with stunning visual quality and options to automate your email campaign sequencing. Definitely recommended as a service provider for all the assistance and ease of use. 

You can resend emails to patrons who have not yet opened your emails with the same sequence or choose to edit the sequence and one change effects all the others.

You can see in each form you create the number of visitors, subscribers and conversions. The title of the form and embed that form on your blog or website.

You can edit your sequence to redirect to other email sequencing specific to subscribers or potential subscribers.

You can also see top referrers from other websites or blog pages you have the email form embedded.

On the forms, you can drag and drop change your email sequencing add an email or delete a few emails from the sequence. You get a screen shot of the email when you select it from the list on your forms.

You get to see on reports the open rate, click through rate, sends and unsubscribes.

But the greatest part about convert kit is that there is an automation service that is responsive, rules saved that program the direction the sequence will be sent to the patron. Meaning that with each trigger event weather the reader goes to sign up to a form, tagged to a sequence, clicks a link, etc… There is an action that happens that gets sent to the reader, potential subscriber to subscriber.


The ease of use, automation, customization and tracking ability.


You as the customer get ease of use and convenience.


MailChimp, free email service provider

You can build your brand, while you sell more stuff. Sign up for free to the world’s largest marketing automation platform. You can reach millions of potential and current customers for e-commerce whether big or small sized retailer, you can find your audience engage with the customers and build your brand. Send better emails with customizable widgets to place onto the email newsletter.

Automate your marketing by building a strategy to engage and drip feed emails to customers and follow up on them. You can integrate tracking from purchase data and see results of personal campaigns and the affects to the bottom line. You have 3 channels to reach potential customers by advertising on Google, Instagram and Facebook.

At the end of the day, you can see how you’re doing overall with the MailChimp reports to see how well you are connecting with the audience and what money you are bringing in. Customized tips offered during campaigns on how to improve performance and available to check anywhere either on your computer or any mobile device.


Aweber, Email Service Provider


You want a service that can provide email templates to choose from with the drop and drag ability to follow up and track your campaigns.


Platform used by 100,000+ small businesses and entrepreneurs to create emails and build relationships with their customers or patrons. I highly recommend checking them out as a service provider for what needs you might want or looking for.

Provides live customer service 7 days a week, educational resources and help you develop your email strategy.

Automated campaigns with drag and drop options.

Autoresponder Follow ups that can sequence for deliverability.

Over 700 HTML templates to provide easy to use for creation and modifications.

Email tracking to provide a holistic view of your campaigns.

Email deliverability rate to get to your subscribers with targeting letters to improve open rate.

AWeber stats App to provide on the go status updates so you can make modifications and work anywhere with your phone.


Automation and choice of templates for your email templates.


Ease and convenience.

Podcast Resources

                 Coming Soon!

Business Development

Business Lead Tracking:

Pipedrive- this is a CRM and pipeline management tool that helps you focus and organize on your campaigns and sales. It provides visual sales pipelines for each stage of the process. Like a new lead, contact made, needs defined, proposal made and negotiations to close on the sale. Each progress of each customer you can track and move on the next stage of the process. That way you can follow up with initiatives and next process to initiate with the potential client.

                Accounting Services:

FreshBooks- is the cloud accounting service software. It makes running your business easy, fast and secure. With FreshBooks you can send automated invoicing, track and organize expenses, you can log team hours on projects and automate invoicing to pay them. Run this service anywhere since it is working through the cloud to operate on any device computer or mobile. Connect with leading Apps like Shopify, Stripe, etc. and run your business accounting like a breeze.

                Inter-Company Communication:

Slack- is a service that offers to provide your team projects a way to organize, review work together, measure an A/B test, alignment and shared understanding through real-time communication. No meetings to stay informed, accessible, organized and streamlines your workflow.

                Note Taking Tools:

Evernote- is a great location to capture, organize, share notes to anyone with everyone in sync and realtime. Organize the work schedule, clear the clutter and have notifications and calendar important events and business. Build checklists, tables, attachments, audio recordings and hand-written notes. Bring it all together with organized teams, brainstorm to finish a project with your team hub and make productivity your achievement.

Project Manager:

Trello- easiest way to organize, visualize, monitor, assign tasks to your team on any project. Organization is done on topic boards with task lists, brainstorming, agenda planning. It’s a free service to begin but requires a monthly fee for additional services.

Asana- is a very organized service offering most of the same amenities as Trello and is free at first until you require more services.

Team Project Scheduling:

Calendly- Share your calendar with your team or developers instead of tedious emails back and forth to coordinate. Book meetings and make changes that automatically email associate team members to everyone is on the same page. Also, you can feature a widget of calendly on your website or blog to indicate upcoming events and announcements to keep your audience or fans informed. Finally, it’s free for the basic package to start out. A great tool for staying organized and consistent on goals and objectives.

CoSchedule- start for free during a trial period and then start out at a monthly cost of $40/ month for the basic package. Great design and display for yourself and development/ management team on your project. Provides complex spreadsheets, organized in one place for the entire marketing schedule at a glance, drag and drop option to switch your schedule around visible to the team on the calendar. Move projects forward with team workflow and coordinate with everyone. Plan and schedule social media posts so you don’t miss out on any prime posting hours for your target audience. Finally, a means to tracking and analysis of results to measure on performance of campaigns or project outcomes. A great tool for anyone doing business online.   

Document Storage:

Dropbox- Personal storage of 1 TB of memory for free, organize, share files and folders of information to your team or storage for yourself. Dropbox Business is monthly charge of 2 TB and up starting at $15/ month and going up on the last 2 plans.

Affiliate Courses

Elite Marketing Pro- is a global community of over 50,000 active small business entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries who share a common dream: do what you love, earn unlimited income, and work from anywhere in the world by building a “lifestyle business”, through digital marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Forum- It shows you how to make real money, unlike other programs that you may have found, you are just told that you can make money but don`t know how. Wealthy Affiliate shows you exactly how. It has the most Supportive Community. Completely FREE to Join. It is a community of Experts willing to help. It is Always updated. They make things simple. Improves from time to time but makes the price constant. The Community cares so much about you.