About Me & The Blog


What is Passive Profit earnings? 

Passive Profit Earnings is a blog I run that will feature many of the current aspects on running an online business by providing resources and showing trial and error. I'm not afraid to post on what failed and definitely what can work. It's in that discovery, available real time experience, and providing an unedited example that we learn from failure and excel when we discover success together. 

In doing so I want to show the proven methods from the many array of options available to earn an income on whatever passion you want to write or post about. Just to name a few features to cover in my blog will be affiliate marketing, email marketing and social media marketing

I never see failure as failure, but only as the game I must play and win.
— Tom Hopkins

My mission to my readers:

PPE VALUES- At Passive Profit earnings, I want to provide a guide for others with the content I publish to help them find their own path to follow. I want to have a blog that is open to the community, share their successes or failures and establish lasting relationships with providing value usefulness in my content. You can always find encouragement and a positive attitude in the material and provide quality in the content and knowledge made available.  


WHAT WE DO- I want to provide a tested method and always excited to provide videos, articles and case studies for the reader. Knowledge is power, but only if applied, and that is exactly what I plan to do on this blog.    


MY GOAL ON PPE- I want to establish a blog that can be a source of information for anyone interested in starting a blog, a niche site, e commerce or website. Whether it's for personal writing or e commerce, I want to provide a blog site that offers new sources of information to the follower or reader to utilize on their own and test for themselves. 


why i created passive profit earnings:

When I first started Passive Profit, I wanted to provide a working journal of how I put the complex mechanics of a website together and earn an income from it. I needed to record any proven methods so there is a track record of success, in doing so, I can provide a clear path for others. There is a huge demand in the niche to earn an income online and the goal still remains the same for thousands of people to find a way to earn a passive income online, writing about what they're interested in.   


There is a tremendous opportunity for the growing online market for ecommerce or people to do more online with blogging or a specialty niche they like to write and post about. As far as eCommerce demand growth, we already see this with rise of shopify or in social media marketing. Companies like Amazon and Facebook are on the rise because the conventional brick and mortar shop and ways of communicating are becoming a thing of the past. So, why not get ahead of the curve and learn to how to build a business online and earn a passive income?   


So what does it mean to earn a living passively online? Well passive income is best defined as something you set up initially online, now, that will generate income for you, later. Once established and you have the means to get an audience your business can go on autopilot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with little to no maintenance and effort. Sounds great, right? Just click on the start earning tab or link to learn more.   

You have to find the opportunity in everything.
— My paraphrase

My story on my path:

My name is James Hastings and I am a native of Jacksonville, FL and was a fleet manager for JB Hunt Transportation, I enjoyed my career opportunities there but wanted to grow more in another area that has grown into a desire and passion to write about and explore. That growing desire was to create a blog about internet marketing and the prospects available to accomplish the joy of success in my passion and my motivation to help others in online marketing. 


I purchased my first computer in September of 1999 and quickly discovered the joy of earning an income at home on the Internet. Since 2001 I have been researching and reading ways you can build an online business and one day become an Internet Marketing Consultant.  


I knew I could achieve that validation with success in small business ventures in online marketing programs with affiliate programs and one day develop my own products to then affiliate and profit from. With that proven success I could approach local small business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to use the internet to attract new prospects, retain loyal customers or readers, increase profits and create multiple revenue streams. I knew this is only achievable by becoming a proven success and more importantly helping others achieve success. Authentication is everything!  


I can Emphasise with you: 

I know how you feel starting out, overwhelmed, no idea where to start, should I pay for services to set up or grow organic or how do I start? I felt the same way, paralyzed with analysis paralysis, NEVER taking the first step and actually taking action with what I learned. I was in your position wanting to earn a living online writing about an interest online, but it seems so exhausting to try and get started, I didn't know a direction to go and stick with it. What I found was that working with online marketing programs, joining topic related blogs and joining affiliate forums you could get pieces of information to get a general direction to go and start.  


But it has taken me 17 years getting off and back on to my passion, I could be a leader in the market by now helping others and earning millions in doing so. I didn’t have direction, and without direction I got lost drowning in information and that would make me loose motivation. I discovered that with no motivation, I couldn’t stay disciplined and consistent. I don’t have regrets, it has developed me to who I am today. 


They say you sometimes have to have self-discovery of yourself with that eureka moment and find the discipline to stick with something and take little steps in a direction so before you know it you finally accomplish your goals. The best advice I can offer is you get inspiration, you get a goal, you set a plan and you execute with action. You have to forget the fear of failure and get yourself out of the way to accomplish anything.  

Progress is more important than perfection
— Simon Sinek

My Recommended Resources that helped me develop:

I still am working with marketers like Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate Fix Forum, the Warrior Forum and Affilorama. I highly recommend these resources and with these services I had a roadmap to better understand the mechanics of marketing online. I could then push myself into action and just DO IT! Action is better than not taking action at all, even if you fail, you learn and can improve on it.   


I am using what I learned and providing an all in one stop shop resource for others on my blog. I finally took action on what I've learned from YouTube videos, programs available and online affiliate forums. Now I am on the path showing people in areas I struggled with by providing a guide to help others with my blog. Eventually by helping others find success and wealth to earn an income online, I will also one-day provide a full-time income for myself. If I can do this, and provide a resource for others, I can help people who are going through what I went through first starting out.